Arms and Armour


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recordet at SOS Basement


released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DISCONNECT Muri, Switzerland

Originally established as a side-project, it didn’t take the five-piece from Argovia long to realise where their passion is and focusing on DISCONNECT was an easy decision. DISCONNECT stands for explosive live-shows and a dirty mix of hardcore and punk. Their debut EP „arms and armour“ will be released on October 13th. ... more

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Track Name: Letting Go
i can see it, you've got blind eyes
i can feel it, you are still asleep
i can see it, these are blind eyes
i can tell it, you are still asleep

wake up, come back to me
open your mind
wake up, this is a trap
you live in a semi-conciousness
wake up, wake up, wake up
you still don't respond to what i say
wake up, it's about time
you destroyed everything i know

this rage is overwhelming me
it started to drag me down
you asked me if i was fine
i shook my head, but you seemed to ignore me

this rage is overwhelming me
it fucking drags me down
your pointless life was a waste of time
now i'll put an end to it

i grab a knife and pierce your heart
one deadly stab that will tear us apart
cold blood runs out, you take a final breath
and now you fade away

i saw your glassy eyes
and just couldn't remember
what made you to who you were
i knew you'd never change
cold sweat in my face
my blood freezes when i look at you
goodbye my friend
can you hear me?

i will miss you!
Track Name: Arms and Armour
i’m stumbling, got to take a deep breath.
you didn’t realise that i was breaking down inside.

sadness follows me wherever i go.
my hate is growing with every step i take.
sadness, i forgot how to smile.

i just hope that you’ll keep that in your mind.

I dare, I dare, I dare to face my fears.
I will, i will, i will transform my tears into – poison.
and i’ll send you to hell with it. you just dropped out of the circle.

if i forget where my home is, my friends pull me back to where i belong.
and if i don’t know who i am, they will point a mirror at me

everything and everyone seems different around me now
or maybe i am the one who has changed
i’ll keep myself surrounded by my friends, armed with a mind.
that’s what keeps this tired heart beating

everything and everyone seems different around me now
or maybe i am the one who has changed
i’ll keep myself surrounded by my friends
Track Name: Marching With The Dead Hearts
you fucked up. i’ve seen it with my own eyes. you disgraced yourself, dishonored our friendship. you can’t turn left, turn right. this is your very own dead end.

you’re such a shame. what have you done, bitch? put another nail in your coffin. you’ll get a burial with no mourners.

i remember the good times we had together. the people we used to be 2x (they will no longer exist)

it’s not just that you ripped hearts out and fed them to the pigs. it’s the fact that you blame us for your mistakes. it was your choice, no turning back.

move on, leave everything behind.