Letting Go


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i can see it, you've got blind eyes
i can feel it, you are still asleep
i can see it, these are blind eyes
i can tell it, you are still asleep

wake up, come back to me
open your mind
wake up, this is a trap
you live in a semi-conciousness
wake up, wake up, wake up
you still don't respond to what i say
wake up, it's about time
you destroyed everything i know

this rage is overwhelming me
it started to drag me down
you asked me if i was fine
i shook my head, but you seemed to ignore me

this rage is overwhelming me
it fucking drags me down
your pointless life was a waste of time
now i'll put an end to it

i grab a knife and pierce your heart
one deadly stab that will tear us apart
cold blood runs out, you take a final breath
and now you fade away

i saw your glassy eyes
and just couldn't remember
what made you to who you were
i knew you'd never change
cold sweat in my face
my blood freezes when i look at you
goodbye my friend
can you hear me?

i will miss you!


from Arms and Armour, released October 13, 2013



all rights reserved


DISCONNECT Muri, Switzerland

Originally established as a side-project, it didn’t take the five-piece from Argovia long to realise where their passion is and focusing on DISCONNECT was an easy decision. DISCONNECT stands for explosive live-shows and a dirty mix of hardcore and punk. Their debut EP „arms and armour“ will be released on October 13th. ... more

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